You Know It’s Time To Do Some Washing When… You Run Out Of Underwear! 

So tonight it was finally ‘that time’ again – laundry time! In all fairness, I think it’s been ‘time’ for a couple of days now – meaning, I’ve had to resort to dipping into my ‘uber-ugly-knicker-stash’ for the last couple of days (and here we’re talking monstrosities that would make Bridget Jones’s ‘granny panties’ look like something from Victoria’s Secret!)!! 
I’m sure I’m not the only one who uses this as a ‘measure’ for when laundry needs doing…I mean, lots of people do, right? Why do it if it’s not absolutely necessary? I know it probably makes me sound like a huge slob, but I’ve got a lot of clothes in my closer – it practically projectile vomits over me when I open the doors – so I rarely run out (and now I sound like a snob… GREAT!)… 

Time flies as it is – it feels like I’m always washing up and cleaning… even though I’m clearly not! (The joys of ‘adulthood’, ey?) There are just so many other things to do… Things that are a billion times more fun than rummaging around the washing machine for a missing sock or a thong that it probably decided to ‘snack on’ anyway… 


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