Reports Of Suburban Jealousy From One Neighbour To Another

Reports just in from Number 28 claim that a certain young lodger, has developed a certain ‘animosity’ towards her neighbour – feelings that are said to be rooted in jealousy.
When questioned about these feelings, the lodger – whom we all know to be a young woman in her mid twenties – said “during the course of 36 hours, I’ve seen the man dressed in everything from a red dressing gown with pink flowers to a freakin’ tuxedo! I mean, aren’t there any limits?! Even though red is definitely not his colour, he ricked the flowers like a boss, which kind of makes him a legend… And the tuxedo this morning must definitely mean he’s got some pretty exciting plans for the day.”

The young woman was quick to reiterate that the only reason she has access to this visual information is because said neighbour willingly strutted his stuff on the drive way. “I did NOT spy on that man!” She said, still wrapped up in her duvet with a pillow-print on her face. 


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