Young Woman’s Disappointment As Hunky ‘Giant’ Does NOT Stumble Over Her In Store…

Reports in from just before lunchtime claim that a certain young woman was subjected to severe disappointment on her weekly food-shopping-trip.

Shimmying through the aisles at the local store, ‘dodging’ slow people left and right, the young woman’s ‘flow’ came to an abrupt halt as she turned the corner to the ‘tea & coffee’ aisle. “There he was… The tallest hunk I’ve ever seen!”

Witnesses claim the young woman made a half-hearted attempt at getting the young mans attention. However, she is said to have been unable to compete with the coffee he was ogling. Putting her life at risk, the young woman reportedly remained a bit behind the hunk. It is speculated that, in doing so, she was hoping he would accidentally back into her. “That is preposterous! If he’d stumbled over me he’d have crushed me!” The young woman exclaimed, all the while, avoiding eye contact, trying to disguise the dreamy look on her face.  


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