Young Woman ‘Bailed Out’ By Colleague After ‘Dress-Rippage-Scandal’!

A real live ‘dress-rippage’ is said to have shaken an office building this morning. 
Upon scurrying into work, late after oversleeping and missing the bus, it is reported that a certain young woman didn’t believe her day could possibly get any worse. 

Seconds later, an echoing ripping sound could be hear across the office as the young woman bent down. “I prayed it was only the inner fabric… But it obviously wasn’t!”

According to witnesses, the young woman was swiftly informed of a sewing kit, harboured by a colleague. “I tried stitching it up myself – probably the weirdest thing I’ve ever done in a toilet booth – but I was in no frame of mind to get it done… So I was SO GRATEFUL when my colleague to do it for me… She’s an ex seamstress after all…”.

The incident reportedly had a happy ending as said colleague had the young woman’s dress stitched back together in no time “She saved my life! I think I love her!”


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