WEATHER UPDATE: The Calm After The (Celebration) Storm!

As a new week begins, peace is said to have been restored at Number 28 after this weekends escapades.

This news comes after birthday celebrations are said to have come to a head on Saturday after wine reportedly started flowing around lunchtime. “We had such a greta time and I got the most EPIC pressies!” the birthday girl said when shown a photograph, on Sunday, of herself from the night before. When asked how she felt after the ‘heavy night’, she simply said “I was a bit confused when I woke up on my floor, silver stars EVERYWHERE, fake eyelashes on my cheek and make up all over my face… But other than that, I feel fine!”

The young woman remains adamant that the only reason her and her friend ended up sleeping on the floor, on all of her cushions and an ocean of silver stars, was because they fell asleep watching Sex And The City after getting in between 1 & 2AM.


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