Young Woman Defends ‘Wall Of Panties’!

News just in from Number 28 report of a ‘silent’ war between the young lodger and her neighbours.

The war, which is said to have been going on for a while, is said to have continued this evening as the young woman hung up her clean laundry to dry once again. In an attempt to defend her ‘flaunting of knickers’ on the aired in her kitchen A facing her kitchen window and, hence, also the window of her neighbour(an old woman)’s (thought to be) guest room, the young woman said “Look… She flashes me the phallic-looking cactuses on the windowsill on a daily basis! I’m not being funny, they look like deformed penises that have caught every venerial disease under the sun!… I think she can cope with a thing or two every couple of weeks… I mean, they’ve hardly got any fabric on them anyway… Besides… I’d rather gaze upon my own underwear than those butt-ugly-cactuses while having breakfast in the morning…”


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