Young Woman’s Heartbreak As She Is Forced To Say ‘Goodbye’ To An Old ‘Friend’…

News have just reached us that the most legendary blazer has ‘gone to a better place’. “After four years of hard work, the impossible happened…” Its owner said, with a somber expression on her face “… It got worn out…!”

In the wake of this sad news – though admitting the blazer has been looking a bit worse for wear lately – sources close to the young woman hint that she may have ‘chucked’ it out a bit ‘prematurely’. This as a minor dispute took place earlier this evening as the blazer is said to have gotten a bit too ‘cozy’ with a cardigan during a tumble in the washing machine. Meanwhile, investigators have confirmed that the blazer was, indeed, covered in fluff when it was put to its final ‘ resting place’.


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