Young Woman Realizes She Is Still Under Shakespeare’s Spell

It is said to have been on Friday that the young woman made her trip to London to frequent Shakespeare’s Globe – A trip which is said to have become somewhat of a tradition, having occurred three years in a row.

Despite seeing a tragedy (Macbeth), the young woman was reported by witnesses to have seemed in very high spirits leaving the theatre… a state of mind which appears to have lasted over the rest of the weekend. “What can I say – I really enjoyed it! I’ve only seen comedies there before. But, even though this was a tragedy, the actors still managed to make it fun. As an added bonus, along with Tara Fitzgerald playing Lady Macbeth – a shock to me as I hadn’t really bothered to look at the cast before booking my tickets – there were plenty of hunks on stage… That, AND the story itself, meant I was so spellbound by the spectacle that I didn’t even mind what little rain that fell as I was stood there… I don’t even mind that my legs are still aching… ” the young woman said earlier today, seemingly dreaming herself back..


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