I am a firm believer in that all true friendships have their ups and downs. Sometimes it’s all about timing. You may all be going through different stages in your lives and at a certain point you may realise you can’t really relate to each other like you used to. And so, for a short time, you may grow apart… 
Sometimes you’ll find yourselves disagreeing more than you agree and, like in any relationship you’ll start to wonder if it’s really worth it anymore… But then you realise that you actually couldn’t imagine your lives without each other’s annoying asses… So you grow back together again…

I’ve seen some of my friends go through horrendous break-ups (some of them have even been in outright hellish relationships!), battle stress, anxiety, depression, broken hearts and broken bones – even lose loved ones suddenly. I haven’t always known what to do or what to say, but I’ve been there – I still am and I always will be. I may not say it or show it enough, but I think it’s because it’s such a ‘given’ to me. No matter how much we fight or annoy each other, the love always remains… Because my friends really are the family that I’ve gotten to chose for myself… And Family sticks together.. 


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