A Young Woman’s Bus Journey Of (Near) Horror: “I ALMOST Felt Violated!”

Just before lunchtime today, a young woman is said to have been subjected to a bus journey of near horror.

Upon siting down behind a young man, whom, the young woman was quick to add “looked like he’d had anything but a sober night last night”, the young woman is said to have felt immediate sympathy. “Until he nearly dropped his hand in my lap! Hangovers excuse a lot but not randomly ‘feeling up’ strange woman on the bus, however accidental it may be… I almost felt violated!” The young woman said, less than amused. 

Sources around the young woman fear the young woman may have overreacted to the incident. Further they suggest that a reason for this could possibly be the added stress of the young woman’s pending dress shopping. “And the guy really wasn’t hear type…” one of them said, in a final attempt to defend the woman’s abnormal reaction. 


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