Are Beach Walks The Best Therapy?

On this fine Saturday, speculations have run high following a statement from a certain young woman.

In the later hours of this morning, the young woman was spotted walking along a local beach by passers by. It was after this walk that she released a statement, claiming that she really thinks that beach walks are the best therapy. When ask to explain herself, the young woman simply said “It’s peaceful, beautiful, fresh… and you never know what you’re going to ‘walk into’.” The latter part of the reply is said to be referring to the ‘seagull race’ scheduled to take place on the beach as the young woman walked by “They looked like they were all set to go!”

‘The jury is still out’ regarding the validity of the young woman’s claim. There is, however, believed to be some truth in it, as she is hardly the first person in history to make such a claim. 


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