Young Woman’s Oversleeping Causes Trauma In Suburbia 

Having overslept this morning, a certain young woman is said to have believed that skipping breakfast would be the easy ‘fix’ needed to ensure she still left woe work on time… she was wrong!

“Turns out I still took a bit too long to get ready!” The young woman said, noticeably flustered. Leaving the house 5 minutes late witnesses claim the situation (not to mention the young woman) wasn’t looking to bad. “Then I saw the bus turning the corner… and I had to start running!”

Witnesses to the incident claim to have seen the young woman, not running so much as ‘awkwardly skipping’ down the side of the side of the road. “Well, what could I do?! Everything was sliding down! I had to choose between looking like a complete muppet ‘penguin shuffeling’ down the road or flashing every person around!”

We are able for our confirm that all ended well. No innocent people were traumatised, however, the starving young woman continues her race against time, hoping to find breakfast on the way…


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