Young Woman Admits To Peculiar Addiction 

During this past week, evenings at Number 28 are reported to have been even more quiet than usual – with nothing so much as a squeak from the second floor – where we know, for a fact, that a certain young woman is staying.

Sources close to the young woman claim to have expressed concern as the young woman is reported to recently have expressed early warning signs of becoming addicted to a certain app on her phone.

By the time we finally managed to get a hold of the girl, in the late hours of last night, she happily announced – while carrying out a ‘happy dance’ – that she’d spent the last hour practicing ‘medical’ French. It was only after calming herself down that she finally said “Ok, so maybe I am SLIGHTLY obsessed with this language app…. but only because I can actually see myself improving! Don’t we all like to be good at stuff?!”



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