Stirr Caused In Suburbia As Young Woman Is Exposed Sheltering Six-Legged Creature…

As yet another Sunday dawned, news of a show cling nature reached us from suburbia. This as a six-legged creature was found hiding at Number 28.

Further investigations are said to have revealed that the creature, who has since been identified as a ladybug, was, in fact hiding out in a certain young woman’s bedroom. When informed of this, the young woman was not surprised “Yea, I know it’s there. It’s been there for weeks now – popping up to say ‘hi’ occasionally.” 

As it has previously been reported that the young woman is not a big fan of creatures with multiple legs, this revelation has, not surprisingly, raised questions with the local ‘Bug Discrimination Society’. When asked if she would also consider harbouring a spider, the young woman said “If it was small and stayed out of my way, sure!” When asked if she considered her actions to be discriminatory, the young woman continued “Maybe… but bottom line is, the ladybug goes about its business and stays out of my way. If I’d throw it out in the freezing cold, it would die and I’m not that heartless. Had it been a spider, yes, I would probably have been more reluctant, but only because of previous experience. A ladybug’s never crawled into my bed for a cuddle – plenty of spiders have! And if you violate me in my own home, you’re out!”

We are able to report that spiders far and wide, have received the message, loud and clear. 


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