Tinie Tempah Makes ‘Surprise Apperance’ In Suburbia!

During the course of this fine Wednesday evening, we are able to report that famous rapper Tinie Tempah gave a ‘surprise performance, at Number 28… Causing a certain young lodger to nearly drop her dinner… In terror!

Having just finished cooking, witnesses claim that the young woman had just picked up her plate when the rapper decided to ‘make his presence known’. “My Spotify had frozen about 30 minutes earlier…” The young woman said after the incident. “…  So when I suddenly heard a loud voice saying ‘Go low! Go low!’ Right behind me, it gave me quite a scare! ”

Since the incident, the young woman is said to have made a splendid recovery. A source close to her also confirms that the young woman does NOT hold any resentment, nor feel any anger, towards the ‘Tinie’ rapper…


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