Inner Grinch ‘Bonsaid’ In Suburbia 


Yesterday is reported to have turned suddenly exciting in suburbia yesterday as a gertain young woman’s ‘inner Grinch’ got its ‘behind’ kicked.

Having refused to start shopping, decorating and talking about anything even remotely Christmas related – as it is not yet December – a certain young woman is reported to have suffered momentarily amnesia yesterday.

Upon venturing into town, witnesses claim she was unable to stop herself commencing this years Christmas shopping. The mood reportedly followed the young woman home where she started decorations – something sources close to her says she hadn’t done for years! “I came up with this idea to decorate my bonsai tree… and it turned out looking absolutely awesome!”

It was only after the young woman had finished and the momentary madness had worn off that she realised December is still more than a week away. Even so, sources claim the young woman didn’t seem too bothered by that fact as she was heard saying “Oh well… it’s all done now… and the coziness kind of makes the dark mornings and nights easier to bare…”


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