A Young Woman’s Dilemma Of Where To Air Her Laundry…

Reports of a severe dilemma in suburbia this evening have left us all in a lingering state of shock.

Just under one hour ago, a certain young woman is said to have been looking forward to an early night when it suddenly dawned on her that her washing was ready. “Now, it wouldn’t have been so bad, had it been a ‘normal sized’ wash…” one of the witnesses said, with a horrified expression on their face “… but, this… this was something else!”

Finally able to locate the woman, in the middle of a jungle of wet garments (a jungle we almost had to use and umbrella as a machete to get through) she did her best to clarify the situation: “So… I may have just done a months worth of laundry… and I kind of FORGOT that I’d need space to hang it all when it was done…”

The latest update from the young woman’s ‘lear’ is that she has, after serious effort, managed to hang all her wet clothes. She is, however, reluctant to accept the whole blame for this ‘miscalculation’. Instead, she maintains that ‘single life’ and her insanely large laundry basket should also accept some responsibility…


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