Young Woman Concerned Her Sister May Be Trying To ‘Bump Her Off’!

News just in from an office building at an unknown location today state that a certain young woman has started to suspect her little sister is trying to ‘bump her off’, “Or at the very least give me a heart attack!!!”

This news comes after the young woman received a sudden phone call from her sister, while sat at her desk. “She never usually calls me – We always try to Skype as we’re in different countries… and she never usually tries to get a hold of me in the middle of the day… So I obviously got worried!” The young woman said. 

Failing to answer the call in time, the young woman is said to temporarily have left the open plan office to return the call. Upon getting through to her sister it became clear that the conversation  – which the young woman feared would be regarding an accident or something far worse – was nothing more than a casual question…. regarding a make-up brand! “She’s lucky I love her, that’s all that can say!!!”


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