Young Woman Caught Disposing Of ‘Fishy’ Evidence…

News just in report of a certain young woman being caught disposing of evidence of a fishy nature.

Having arrived in the kitchen for her lunch break earlier than usual, the young woman is said to have been relieved to find herself alone. “It’s almost a matter of life and death to bring fish in for lunch in this place… being caught with fish in the microwave is just like being caught with your pants down. EVERYONE WILL KNOW!” 

A witness, wishing to remain anonymous, claim that the young woman had just started heating her lunch when a colleague walked it. The young woman reportedly engaged him in conversation, hoping that would be enough to distract him, but that no avail. “All I could do was to put on my bestest ‘innocent face’ and quote ‘my boy’, Shaggy (“Wasn’t me!”) before legging it around the corner trying to dispose of the evidence ASAP!”


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