Why Do I Feel Like I Have To Earn Time To Do Nothing? 

Sat here, drowning in an ocean of used tissues (oh the glamour!) having drunk, what seems like, gallons and gallons of (supposedly) healthy blackcurrant tea and water, I have to ask myself WHY today has been a non-stop fight with myself to allow myself to rest?
I mean, I’m ill – my cold’s dug its claws into me once more – and my body is all but screaming at me to rest… Yet I’m itching to get on and do something. I’ve hated every second of today. I’ve tried to distract myself with movies and series, but all I’ve really wanted to do it go out, do some christmas shopping, hell, even rearrange my room! Anything, NOT to have to be sat on my bum feeling sniffly & disgusting.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for relaxing most days & evenings, but that’s after I’ve DONE something. In a way, I guess it’s like I feel I have to EARN relaxation. But WHY?


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