Über-Optimistic-Sniffle-Woman Phones Office

News just in from this morning report of a phone call being made to an office at a secret location.

The call is said to have been made by a certain young woman, letting her manager know she is on the mend and ‘feeling better’. The young woman’s feigned optimism was, however, according to witnesses, quickly shot down when said manager responded “Really? You don’t sound better! You just make sure you stay home until you’e fully recovered.” When asked how she felt about this response, the young woman looked defeated, saying “Ok, so maybe I was a bit optimistic… But I’m crawling out of my skin, just sat here, resting & sniffling! I haven’t done any yoga/pilates for days! I’m turning into a blob!”

Sources close to the young woman have admitted to growing increasingly fed up with the young woman’s restlessness “She’s a nightmare patient!”. So much so, rumor has is they have been considering ‘knocking’ the young woman ‘out’ with some ‘Day & Night Nurse’.


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