Young Woman Pens Angry Letter To Santa!

During the course of this evening, we are able to report that a certain young woman has started writing a letter of complaint to Santa Clause himself. Why? – “Because he must’ve been drunk when he read my wish list!”

The incident that ‘pushed’ the young woman ‘over the edge’ is said to have occurred as she returned home after doing a good deed. “I walked upstairs to the kitchen, having just been to give blood, and that’s when I see it – The GAY 18-year-old BUY I love with, welcoming me home in his boxers before telling me how much he can’t wait to cuddle in bed with his boyfriend…”

A source close to the woman claims that the young woman feels like Santa is responsible as he seemingly misunderstood her wish for Christmas “Apparently, she asked for a hunk welcoming her home form work in his boxers and cuddles in bed. She just feels robbed right now and like this incident is a bad joke.

The latest update from Number 28 reports that the lung woman has recovered from her disappointment and is now smiling again. It remains to be confirmed whether this is thanks to ‘Hot -Mr-W.B.’…


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