Young Woman Finds ‘Stalkers’ In Her Bed: “This Has FINALLY Gone Too Far!”

Chaos erupted at Number 28 this evening as a certain young woman went to bed… Only to find it occupied by two uninvited guests!

The ‘guests’ in question are reported to have been stalking the woman for some weeks now. Despite feeling paranoid witnesses claim that the young woman has, up until now, remained reluctant to take dramatic action to get rid of the intruders for fear of disrupting the peace. “But now, things have gone too far! Like them staying in my room wasn’t bad enough… but to use my BED for their perverted s**games?! This is an acto of WAR!”

It remains to be seen whether a good night’s sleep will be enough to cure the young woman’s rage. Meanwhile, the intruders have reportedly been spotted making themselves at home in a dusty photo frame…


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