Friday-Night-Fornication In Suburbia!

Just after 6PM this evening, a certain young woman is reported to have sat down in her garden to enjoy the sun over an alcoholic beverage. However, upon ‘settling’ on the sun lounger, she became painfully aware that she wasn’t alone.

“It was bizarre… I just heard this floppy noise, looked up and there they were!! Two pigeons! Now, I’m not one to judge but, it kind of looked like they were ‘doing the big nasty’… in a tree… overlooking MY garden… in broad daylight!” 

Furthermore, the young woman claims to have caught the shivers from disgust at what she witnessed. Sources close to her, however, claim that the dropping temperature outside is more likely to be the culprit in this instance.


2 thoughts on “Friday-Night-Fornication In Suburbia!

  1. I have to say that I’ve never sat down to imbibe in my favorite spirit to have witnessed to birdies boinking. Sounds more entertaining than a TV sitcom, though. πŸ˜‰

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