Trip To Historic City Makes For Humbling (Reluctantly ‘Touristy’) Experience 

Earlier this week, a certain young woman is said to have made a rather embarrassing – or as she’d like to call it, ‘humbling’ – realisation, upon visiting one of the UKs historic cities with her visiting mother.

“I was actually a bit embarrassed by my lack of knowledge of Winchester… Mum was asking me questions and all I kept saying was ‘Uhm… I don’t know…’… suppose that serves me right for only ever really frequenting the place for wine festivals, Christmas markets and pub crawls…”

When asked what she remembers about the city after her visit, the young woman proudly announced “Well… despite having a memory like a sieve – and usually being unable to process anything while stuffing my face with food – I do recall my friend telling me that Winchester used to be the capital of England… You know, like, waaaaaay back… after the stone age but before Abba!”

Sources close to the young woman claim she has sworn to make more of an effort with historic facts, claiming she does actually find history and culture ‘extremely interesting’. Doubts do, however, remain as to the sincerity and validity of these claims.


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