Young Woman Traumatises Fellow Commuter With ‘Tipsy Google History’

During rush hour this morning, a young woman is believed to have potentially scarred a fellow commuter for life.

This news comes after the young woman reportedly tried to connect to the bus wifi and some very awkward pictures from last nights tipsy googling popped up on her screen. 

In an attempt to ‘save face’, the young woman said “What can I say? We were talking about Friends, and one of the girls wanted to know what a banana hammock is… I was just trying to be helpful!”

Sources close to the young woman confirm that she is of a helpful nature. However, they also claim that the young woman and her friends have a history of ‘tainting’ their internet histories when alcohol is involved. 

It had yet to be confirmed whether the young man, sat next to the young woman, on the bus has suffered any lasting damage from what was flashed in his face. Trauma specialists remain hopeful that everything may have happened too quickly for the young man to process. 


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