Young Woman Struggles To ‘Let Go’ Of Deformed Sunglasses

After the sudden loss of her sunglasses on Wednesday, a certain you woman is said to still be carrying her broken sunglasses with her wherever she goes.

“Well… it’s not like I’ve got a replacement pair yet, so I don’t see how it’s a big deal.” When being reminded that she still can’t use them, the young woman simply said “But at least I know they’re there…”

It was on Wednesday afternoon, as the young woman reached her home, that she discovered – with help from her landlady – that one of the lenses in her sunglasses had fallen out. “I was so knackered I hadn’t even realised! It must’ve happened shortly before I got in… I hope!” The young woman said, lady looking slightly embarrassed. 

When asked how she couldn’t possibly have noticed, the young woman was unable to provide an answer. Professionals are investing the possibility of ‘temporary inzombia’.


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