The Kind Of Stress That Makes You Ill

Stress is underrated – I mean REALLY underrated! Especially stress relating to money troubles. I, for one, can sets about money to the point where it actually makes me ill, and do you know what? It actually makes me feel ashamed. 
I have everything I need – in fact, I probably have more than I need in some ways – but, the fact of the matter is, more than ever, I am struggling to get by on my income every month. It’s stressing me out and I’m embarrassed! Why? Because there are people out there who are way worse off than me.

Though struggling financially can be quite scary at times, I’m not the sort of person to just sit there, paralysed with fear – I try to change my situation. But, even so, sometimes it just comes over me – the stress, the worry, the frustration…. It’s hard asking for help when you want to make it on your own – FACT! 


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