Young Woman Suffers ‘Cool’ Hunk Encounter & Severe Revelation In Local Grocery Store

In a local grocery store, right in the middle of rush(-to-get-some-food-before-I-head-home-and-melt-away)-hour, a certain young woman reportedly suffered a, somewhat, cool encounter.

“I was stood about halfway down the aisle, right by the ice cream, trying to decide on vanilla-caramel vs mint-chocolate – one in each hand – standard!” The young woman said, noticeably confused, before continuing “..And that’s when he turned the corner… The most gorgeous hunk I’ve ever seen in there…! Trust me to be stood there looking like a greedy cow raiding the ice cream freezer!” 

According to witnesses on the scene, the young woman stood ‘frozen’, just staring with her mouth open for a good ten seconds before slowly joining the land of the living again. “Seriously the longest ten seconds of my life! I just couldn’t stop looking at him. It didn’t occur to me to put the ice cream down though… Not even after he’d turned the other corner. I really haven’t got my priorities straight have I? ‘Ice cream’ vs ‘hunk stalking’? Why, ice cream OBVIOUSLY! … As much as I realise that any future girlfriend of his probably shouldn’t be binging on ice cream I just stopped caring as soon as he was out of sight. I may be putting ice cream before any hunk… But that’s only because ice cream has never done anything to hurt me – and it DEFINITELY doesn’t talk back!”

‘AMEN to that’ is all we can say! 


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