Young Woman Suffers ‘Foot Febreze’

Over the weekend just gone, a certain young woman is said to have experienced a rather unexpected ‘foot Febreze’.

Thus far, it is unknown exactly when the incident occurred. Although witnesses hint at it being an afternoon occurrence, no confirmation has been issued at this stage. What is known is that the young woman in question, and a male acquaintance, had just returned from a wall into town and back.

“I could smell my feet when I took my shoes off but that’s not new – I always can!” The young woman said, looking slightly embarrassed. “Imagine my surprise when he whacked out the febreze and sprayed my feet!”

Though the young woman agrees the incident does not make her come across very ladylike, she does, maintain her ‘innocence’, stating the potent odour was all the fault of the hot weather. 


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