Every Journey Begins With A First…. STUMBLE!

It has been confirmed that a certain young woman was successful in embarking on her journey to her home country in the early hours of this morning – However, not without causing slight commotion, according to sources! 

Events apparently rerouted when the young woman was transporting herself, her luggage AND a bin bag down the stairs. Surrounded by darkness, lighting her way with her phone display, the young woman reportedly tried, and failed -SPECTACULARLY – to be do this quietly.

Upon approaching the landing, halfway down the stairs, the young woman had reportedly just turned around to reply to her landladys ‘good bye’-call when she heard a grunt in front of her. “I had trouble locating the sound st first but then I realised it came from the floor!!!”. 

The ‘grunt’ was swiftly identified as the landladys eldest son. “He’d made up a bed in the landing and was fast asleep! I would’ve found it hilarious had I not been so worried I’d given him a brain injury, shoving my suitcase in his face!”

The poor, grunting, man is said to have recovered from the incident without any lasting injuries. The young woman has since made it to the airport and sources claim she is now able to see the funny side. 


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