If you’ve managed to find your way here, I just want to say a hearty “Welcome” and tell you just how excited I am to “meet” you – It really is lovely to have you here!

I’m Agnes (“Aggie”, “Ags”, “Trouble” – whatever people around me feel like calling me on any given day really) – 27 years old, single, occasional bore/occasional nutt-job, blogger/business owner/life coach (to be)/Pilates freak/ yoga beginner & bookworm!

This blog is NOT a diary, where I share all the boring, dreary details of my personal life with you. On the contrary,  I’ve chosen to share those embarrassing, odd, all around random moments of my daily life that make it a bit less “ordinary”.

I want this to be a place where you can come to feel better (if you’re feeling low)/have a laugh (no matter what mood you’re in) – as we all know laughing is important! A bit of a warning though – This is NOT a blog for the “easily offended”! I tend to blog about whatever comes to mind and, at times, it can pretty inappropriate. I can promise you lots of humor though!

I’m hoping that what you see will be enough to make you want to stay/come back and follow/be a part of my journey. Feel free to get in touch with me – it would be lovely to hear from you ๐Ÿ˜Š

Have an amazing day! And a massive THANK YOU for “paying me a visit” – Hope to see you again soon!