Young Woman Traumatises Fellow Commuter With ‘Tipsy Google History’

During rush hour this morning, a young woman is believed to have potentially scarred a fellow commuter for life. This news comes after the young woman reportedly tried to connect to the bus wifi and some very awkward pictures from last nights tipsy googling popped up on her screen.  In an attempt to ‘save face’, the young woman said “What can I say? We were talking about Friends, and one of the girls wanted to know what a banana hammock is… I was just trying to be helpful!” Sources close to the young woman confirm that she is of a … Continue reading Young Woman Traumatises Fellow Commuter With ‘Tipsy Google History’

Young Woman Struggles To Hide Her ‘Excitement’

During lunchtime today, ‘lunchers’ in an office building at an unknown location, are reported to have become involuntary witnesses to a, somewhat, awkward encounter. Said encounter is said to have involved a certain young woman and her ‘lunchtime crush’. “I’ve seen him around as we usually end up in the lunch area at about the same time. Can’t say he’s my type really but he’s kind of cute.” Sources close to the woman claim they are not entirely sure the young woman is being honest regarding her perception of the mans cuteness. These doubt comes after the man sat down … Continue reading Young Woman Struggles To Hide Her ‘Excitement’

Escape Of The Tomato!

When the rest of suburbia was still stirring this morning, a certain young woman is reported to have been witnessed playing a random game of ‘chase the tomatoe’. “Serves me right for not prepping my lunch last night” she was heard mumbling as she crawled around on all fours trying to catch the red escapee – “Looking about as graceful as an elephant trying to twerk!” Said one of the witnesses! Continue reading Escape Of The Tomato!

‘Sink Fountains’ & ‘Mascara Poking’ Baffle Suburbia! 

In the wake of yesterday’s attack on the capital, the inhabitants of Number 28 are said to have managed to get a night’s rest, assured that all theirs acquaintances and loved ones are safe and sound. Even so, something appears to be ‘in the air’… “This morning is just odd” a young woman said, still drying off from a ‘surprise shower’, courtesy of one of her spoons, the sink and some badly aimed water. According to witnesses on the scene, the young woman’s morning reportedly got even more awkward as she accidentally poked herself in the eye with her mascara, … Continue reading ‘Sink Fountains’ & ‘Mascara Poking’ Baffle Suburbia! 

Attack Of The Baby Spinach!

Just after lunchtime today, a young woman is reported to have suffered a severe violation. Already feeling vulnerable and exposed – having accidentally left her accessories at home – the young woman fo he herself severely distressed when attacked on her lunch break. The perpetrator of this attack has been confirmed as the baby spinach included in the young woman’s lunch. “It just kept flying out the container!”  Sources have yet to confirm rumours that the young woman’s rice came to her rescue. Meanwhile, witnesses in the scene are able to confirm that the attach was NOT the young woman’s … Continue reading Attack Of The Baby Spinach!